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I've been here for nine years straight.   I first joined in Septeber 18, 2004, sometime after graduating from high school.  I was into the magical girl anime Tokyo Mew Mew back then, and I posted an Otaku Mew as my first art of my dA life:


Mew Sora by mewmewspike

Of course, this was my first foray into the world of fanart, so of course, it would not turn out that good.  So I keep going, making Pokémon based on Sonic the Hedgehog, starting with good old Sparky:

Sparky the Pikachu by mewmewspike

And I even drew the Digimon females as Sailor Scouts.  Of course, we all know how that turned out:Sailor Phoenix by mewmewspike

This made me realize I can furry / Sonic better than humans.  Rather than confront and try to fix myself, I embraced my limitation, and remembering my time doing Sonic roleplays on Yahoo! Groups, I took the character I created from such RPs and gave him form:

Jeremy Crimson by mewmewspike
Yep, Jeremy Crimson is that character.  Although from that day forward, he would develop a mind of his own and he would run the page from time to time.

Afterwards, I would draw more stuff, like possible DLC characters for Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing, and more Sailor Scouts, adding characters based on Arcana Heart and even have Hikaru from Rayearth as a Sailor Scout (one of the Arcana Heart scouts was disasterous, so I axed that one,) so after hearing of Sally Moon, a Sonic Super Special where Sonic met an alternate universe Sally Acorn who could become Sally Moon, an obvious parody of Sailor Moon, I took inspiration and drew this piece:

Sally Moon by mewmewspike

While this was far from how I drew Sally today, it was still a start, and soon, more Sonic Sailor Scouts followed.  The best after Sally Moon was Blaze Mars:

Blaze Mars by mewmewspike

In 2011, things were starting to get better, albeit slowly.  That year, I got a 3DS, and seeing how I was able to take pictures and post them on the internet, I took a picture of two plushies, one I just recently got back then:

A Tale of Two Tails by mewmewspike

It was also the picture that got me into my first group, which I saw as a accomplishment.

Also, remembering Sally Moon, I launched a fan comic for her:

Pretty Furry Saily Moon:  The Beginning Cover by mewmewspike

The first couple issues were not perfect, but I got better as I went on with it.  And more comics would spawn.  They would be magical girl comics, but one pic would forever expand my boundary:

Sally Acorn Is A Supergirl by mewmewspike

Drawing Sally Acorn in a Superman-like outfit was inspired by Lady Papaya song, Super Girl.  After hearing that song, I was inspired to draw Sally wearing that outfit singing some of the chorus.

And then, the Man of Steel was coming out.  Suddenly, I got the fever for more Super Squirrel, and this was the result:

Sally Acorn Becomes Super Squirrel by mewmewspike

Those two pieces of art showed I can do a superhero story, and thus, Super Squirrel became what was originally supposed to be a one-shot comic:

Super Squirrel Cover by mewmewspike

Of course, the idea sounded so good, I made a prequel comic in time for Man Of Steel's DVD release, as well as plans for her to have allies:

Iron Rabbot Cover by mewmewspike

Iron Rabbot was the first followed by Starblaze, the latter also introducing Spider-Hound and Shadowcat (Sonic parodies of Spider-Man and the X-Men character of the same name).

Today, I manage fanfiction and using bases as well as my fanart.  I also have a feature "ACNL:  Pictures from Pikaland" which displays special happenings done in Pikaland, my Animal Crossing: New Leaf village.  I hope to do more in the future.


Over my dA career, I have made many awesome friends in dA.  Here are some of them:

:iconmollyketty:  This super cute and sassy cat share a lot of my interests, mainly cartoons, anime, and video games.  Here is a pic I requested from her:

Jeremy Crimson and Sally Acorn by MollyKetty

:iconandebyful: This guy is awesome.  He has done a lot of requests for me, and I did some art for him:

billeder nr.3.139 by andebyful

billeder nr.2.905 by andebyful

billeder nr.2.072 by andebyful

The Signe Pretty Furry was my idea, but the guy adopted it, so I think he liked it.

:iconnekoemerald:  This dude is one of my newer friends, but he is awesome.  He draws the Sonic females as superheroes, and I have adapted those designs into a fanfiction:

Freedom Girls Chapter 1
Freedom Girls
Chapter 1:  The Birth of Sapphire Princess
It was a fine night in the Panet Mobius.  Jeremy and Sally were outside Knothole City looking at the stars.
"Wow, I can't believe we finally did it," Sally said.
"Yeah, Ro-Butt-Nick has lost and now he's awaiting trial," Jeremy said smiling.
Their date was a celebration of the day earlier, when Jeremy and Sonic managed to finally stop Dr. Robotnik's Doomsday Project from turning the planet into a lifeless wasteland where only his Robian army would survive.  Dr. Robotnik was locked up in Devil's Gulag by Geoffrey St. John, waiting trial for his war crimes.
"So, now what happens?  We live happily ever after," Sally asked.
"Nah.  Since your father, the king, approved our marrage, it's a new beginning.  But somwhow, I have a hunch that even with Robotnik out of the picture,  there may be more evildoers plotting evil deeds," Jeremy said.
At that time, a meteor slammed into the lake, scaring Sally.

Here's one of my requests. which contains my characters:

Sapphire Squirrel meets Super Squirrel + Super Fox by NekoEmerald

:iconcoffee-vee:  An awesome guy.  I am in love with his Skunketta.  Here's a pic he did for me:

Com:Group Walk by Coffee-vee

:icondragon222:  My BFF on the internet.  We did RPs together, and now, we've been ddoing a fanfic together from RPing on the PM system.  If anything, he inspired me to unleash my imagination here.

Well, that's my story, and I aim to stick to it.  Happy Birthday, dA.

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Jeremy Crimson
United States
Name's Jeremy Crimson, and I'm a born Freedom Fighter in Knothole Village fighting against evil that plots against the good citizens of Knothole.

Current Residence: Knothole Village
Favourite genre of music: Any that's in Guitar Hero or Rock Band
Operating System: Emachines
Favourite cartoon character: Zakuro Fujiwara, Sally Acorn, Sora Takenouchi, Rika Nonaka, Leonardo from TMNT
Personal Quote: Let's do it to it!

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